by Michel Boutsen


In my Western mind I have learned that having an alfabet and being able to write meant having an higher place in the evolution of cultures. The writing and reading meant to have books with thoughts.


It gave us in the West several and different ‘books of thoughts’ with fundaments of Greek universalism, the split between the spirit and corps, the Cartesian thinking, Christian religious roots of good and guilt with the absolute superiority of the human being above other creatures, and individualism and hedonism. The Western conflict of the scientific and religious ideas, trying to explain religion with science and science with religion.


But I learned that there are other cultures without books. With oral traditions.


Even if they don’t write, they have books of thoughts in their mind. And so these native cultures have their books of thought beside our Westernworld books of thinking. The not written book of thinking of the indigeneous seem to be to me as precious or as evolved as our culture, as far as one can compair. And indigeneous people do not make weapons of massdestruction. Their native thinking seem to be wonderwell adapted to their surrounding world. They do not extract petroleum from their grounds. A peace of wood, a leaf, a shell can have the same value as a piece of gold. We, in ‘the Nord’ value gold and petroleum…. Destroying the water and the living creatures, the living nature, La Madre Tierra.


But our global mass of population will engulf them....

I hope I’m wrong.

Does it matter, AND WHY, is there an answer?


No more Oil Drilling

Water + Life + Social Justice

No more cutting down


Thousand and one dreams of


Carpintero amarillo/ Celeus flavus

Foto: Michel Boutsen